Tax Refunds – P60, P45

To recover the overpaid tax, you must submit an appropriate application at HMRC or do so through your online account.

If you are not sure you have an overpaid tax or if you need help to get it back, please contact Blue Diamond Accountancy Ltd and we will arrange for you the necessary paperwork.

Most often overpaid tax applies to people who have not worked the entire tax year, worked part time, or changed jobs during the tax year. It may also happen that the employer incorrectly used the tax code, then there may be a tax overpayment or underpayment. To calculate the overpaid tax, you will need documents confirming the income and the tax paid. If you worked for more than one employer, then all sources of income and tax paid would have to be added together.

Waiting time for overpaid tax refund lasts from 3 weeks up to several months. Consideration of refund depends on the individual situation of each taxpayer, our office has no influence on the processing and duration of the review, we only help in filing a claim for Tax Refund.

Do not wait – Tax Return is waiting for you!

The mission of Blue Diamond Accountancy Ltd is to provide the excellent service to our customers. We will be happy to assist you in obtaining your overpaid tax. Our office collects a £60 fee for getting a refund regardless of the amount or the number of years for which the refund will be made.

If you need help getting a tax refund, please fill out the contact form below or call us on 07708 466 992.

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